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Bahya Pranayama

In this pranayama the breath is kept outside during the practice so it is called Bahya Pranayama. Bahya means “outside”. It should be done after kapalbhati pranayama.

Bahya pranayama is one of the vital respiration exercises in which you have to forcibly breathe in (inhale), breath out and then hold the breathe (retention). In this the breathe is kept outside during the process so that’s why this pranayama is named as Bahya pranayama. Meaning of Bahya is external and pranayam means breathing technique so it is also called external Retention. Retention means holding the breathe (Kumbhaka). 1:2:3 is the ratio of this pranayam. The Ratio of 1:2:3 is meaning that breathes in takes one second, breathes out should be 2 second and holding the breath ought to be for three seconds.

Bahya Pranayama

Bahya Pranayama is miraculous breathing exercise for all stomach organs. Hernia, diabetes, uterus and prostate problems are affected. It helps to evolve ‘Kundalini Power’ upward as well.

Steps for Bahya Pranayama

Bahya Pranayama

  1. Sit in pose of Padmasana or Siddhasana.
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale completely (breath out) to evacuate lungs as much as possible.
  3. Hold your breath and touch your chin to the chest is called (Jalandhar Bandha or Throat lock). By pulling your stomach in and up under the rib cage such that the stomach and back seem to touch each other from inside. It is called (Uddiyana Bandha). Lift the muscle from groin area is called (Mulabandha or Root lock).
  4. Hold this three bandhas for some time as much you can 10-15 seconds then breathe in deeply to release these three locks.
  5. Repeat Bahya pranayama for 2-5 minutes daily.

Benefits of Bahya pranayama


  1. Constipation, Acidity, Gastric problem, Hernia cure completely
  2. Problems related prostate get cure.
  3. Cures problems related reproductive organs.
  4. It is beneficial in diabetes
  5. Urine and sperm related problems get cure completely.

Precautions of Bahya Pranayama

bahya pranayama

  1. Pranayama should be done on empty stomach having gap of 5 hours between practice and your meal.
  2. Those suffering from heart problem, blood pressure and cervical colitis should not practice. They can control this by practicing other asana and pranayama. Practice under expert guidance.
  3. Women should not practice bahya pranayama during period.

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