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Devi & Astrology Mantras

Devi and Astrology Mantras – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

Astrology says that Moon is a female planet and represents mother. Devi (Shakti) who is considered universal mother is also represented by the planet Moon in various forms. Moon completes the circle round the earth i.e., the zodiac in 27 days time, as Moon remains in one sign for 2¼ days. The changes or phases are the results of the cl ringing positions of Moon and earth in relation to Sun. There are two phases of Moon, one from dark Moon (Amavasya) to full Moon (Poornima) and the other is vice-versa. These periods are known as krishna paksha and Shukla Paksha respectively. The Moon’s cycle is divided into three parts and equally divided among the three incarnations of Devi viz., Durga, from Shukal pratipada to Sukla )ashami, governs the Moon. Lakshmi rules Dashami to Krishna Panchami, and Panchami to Amavasaya, it is the rule of Kali. Only two forms of the Goddess are used (Durga and Kali) in determining the ( Goddess according to One’s Moon chart. Lakshmi is considered as Venus

The Moon can be either Kali or Durga in a specific chart depending on multiple factors. Classics say that if Moon is exalted it represents Durga. Moon in weaker position is considered as Bhadrakali. Moon posited in Mars sign and weak then it is Chamunda. Moon going towards Ketu is Kali or Moon going towards Rahu is Durga. Shukal Paksh is of Durga whereas Kali governs Krishna Paksh. Debilitated Moon is also taken as Kali and exalted Moon is Durga. Durga represents the strong planets of conjunct day and Kali is worshipped for strong planets of night. This is not applicable when Mercury is strong planet either of day or of night. It is considered as lalita and during this time, the devotee has to recite Lalita Sahasarnam religiously. These aspects are considered for propitiating planet Moon.


When Moon is posited in different zodiacs, it represents different forms of the Goddess.

Aries                             Chamunda

Taurus                         Durga (Rahu Mulatrikona)

Gemini                        Durga (Rahu exaltation)

All the Planets and the Goddess

From the Arudha Lagna (The Sign rising at the time of the query), all planets could be seen as different forms of the Goddess. The Arudha Lagna is Maya, which is Shakti. From Arudha there is only Kali or Durga. The two fold division is ruled by the Moon; Durga­Shukal paksh, Kali- Krishna Paksh, (Three fold division is ruled by Jupiter). Shiva is worshipped from the lagan (Sun karaka), Vishnu is worshipped from the pakalagna (Jupiter karaka), and Shakti is worshipped from Arudha Lagan (Moon karaka). To use this system properly it is imperative that one understands the houses from the Arudha Lagan (Maya). When this is fully understood then the planet can be either Nila Shakti (Kali) or Sri Shakti (Durga).

Nava Durga according to planets

Sun                  Shaylaputra

Moon              Mahagauri

Mars               Skandamta

Mercury         Katyayani

Jupiter            Brahmacharini

Venus              Kushmanda

Saturn             Kalaratri

Rahu               Chandraganta

Kett                 Siddhidatri

Planets according to Dus Mahavidyas

Lagan                   Bhairavi

Sun                       Matangi

Moon                   Bhuvneshwari

Mars                     Tripura Sundari

Jupiter                  Bhagalamukhi

Mercury               Tara

Venus                   Kamala

Saturn                  Kali

Rahu                     Chinnamasta

Ketu                      Dhoomavati


From The desk of Vinayak Bhatt

Whatever is fated is controlled by planets. This is the underlying principle of Vedic Astrology. The growth of a person, his downfall, existence or destruction of the world that all is solely influenced by the planets. It is said that Lord Brahma (Supreme father) has given boon to the planets and recommended their worship when they are turning inauspicious for the native or for the humankind.

Mahavidyas are explained in the Chapter ‘Shri Devi Mantras’ in length and an explanation to this effect is also provided for our esteemed readers.

The Goddess is very important in one’s life. She is that which gives us direction in life. From the Moon, the goddess guides the mind in the right direction. From the planets, the Goddess is uplifting (Durga)

Or purifying(Kali) the planets and their effects. One should be competent in reading a chart and understand the deities. The devotee should take advice of a competent person before any japa and the astrologer should note that what they would do before recommending these goddesses as remedies. The worship of the Goddess is very powerful and gives results quickly, relative to the indications of the chart.

Devi and Astrology Mantras – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

About Vinayak Bhatt

Everyone is interested in who they are and where they are headed. Astrology can be used as a guidepost on our journey to ourselves and to our future. Through the synchronicity of the cosmos and the magic of this ancient art/science our soul journey is revealed. In my readings I examine the natal chart and current transits and progressions to uncover the energies of one's true self and one's future. I do not believe there are any "bad" aspects or "bad" planets, but rather all the planetary and aspect energies can be used In my readings I look both at a client's potential as indicated in the natal chart and at present and future energies and opportunities. I am happy to focus on a particular question or area of life as requested.

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