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Diseases and mantras Jaap

Diseases and mantras Jaap  – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

The two pillars of Hinduism are “Karma and Moksha” (work and salvation). It is the belief of our sins or prohibited acts which we have done in our previous birth. If our seers have tried to find the reasons of the problems they have also tired to find remedial measures of these problems in the form of japa of mantras, donation of articles related to the planets which are causing affliction or homa with the mantra to propitiate the planet. In this segment we are discussing some of the problems faced by the native due to planets along with their reasons and remedy. It is advised to the reader that while practising the remedies he should take proper medical attention for early results of the remedies.

Sr. No. Diseases Reasons Remedy
1 Blindness Accepting food without washing one’s feet and cleaning hands. Worshipping Lord Garuda and donate his idol.
2 Colic Trouble Relations with virgins, maid servants, indulging in back biting. Worship Lord Shiva with Panchaksari mantra.
3 Consumption Sexual enjoyment during during eclipses, violence to Brahmins, preceptors. Recital of Rudra Sukta, Shiva Sahasarnama, Aindraagni, and homas to lord shiva
4 Diabetes Stealing of food, relations with virgins, widows etc. Homas with Varun mantra.
5 Dropsy Relation with some elderly woman causing abortions. Recital of Rudra Sukta and Varun Sukta.
6 Dumbness Act of Kidnapping. Rudra Saraswati Mantra
7 Dumbness and Mental illness Breaking of promises, thinking ill of other’s wife. Rudra Sukta and donate an idol of elephant.
8 Dysentery Destroying tanks and wells. Recital of Rudra Sukta and Varun sukta
9 Ear Diseases Back biting, tearing away the ears. Workship Lord Sun with his mantras
10 Emaciation Stealing food. Shiva Worship
11 Epilepsy Killing of elders, preceptors Recital of Rudra Suktu
12 Eye Diseases Ungratefulness injuring other’s eye, bad intentions towards other’s wife. Donate the idol of Garuda, performance of homas and chanting netraraksha sukta or mantra.
13 Face Diseases Giving false witness, breaking the teeth, talking ill of others. Kushmanda homa Garatri japa
14 Fevers Caused due to hot and cold and intimidating others with the help of dog. Abhisheka of Vishnu and Shiva and chanting ofpaiu.ha-duwani mantra and Rudra mantra
15 Fistula Ignoring elderly advice, extramarital relations with elderly women. Recital of Gayatri mantra, Aditra Sukta and Rudra Sukta.
16 Headache Harted towards Brahmins. Repent for the same and recite Rudra Sukta
17 Intestinal trouble Obstrucing the homa Worship Lord Vishnu
18 Leprosy Killing a Brahmins, making love with preceptors wifeperforming Rudra Sukta, Ayusutuka and kushmanda homa.
19 Leucoderma (Vitiligo) Doing some evil in the temple and eating sonic forbidden things. Perform kushmanda homa
20  Lingual Diseases Scolding preceptor, elderly persons, causing grief to others. Perfomiing Kushmanda Homa, recital of Rahu Mantras or other suktas of other deities.
21 Partial Blindness Injuring cow or blinding a cow. Worshipping Lord Gopal and donating his idol
22 Piles Misappropriating of wealth of learned and the blinds, killing cows. Worshipping a cow and donate a cow made of gold
23 Rheumatism Stealing food, criticising pious and respectable persons etc. Hating parents and preceptors. Reciting Vayu Mantra and Vayu Sukta. Donate a deer made of copper
24 Spleen diseases Not honouring the preceptor and misuse of another’s food Homa with Aindragni Sukta, chanting of Rudra Sukta and Vayu Sukta. Daily recital of Gayatri Mantra
25 Thirst Intimacy with teacher’s wife Varun Sukta
26  Throat Diseases Stealing public property Grah Shanti Homa.
27 Urinary Diseases Ill-treating the brahmins, Physical intimacy with opposite sex. Homa with Agni mantra
28 White Leprosy Killing a brahmin, making love with preceptor’s wife, misappropriation of large quantities of cotton rolls, clothes, and bronze vessels Rudra Sukta, Ayusutuka and performing kushmanda homa.


From The desk of Vinayak Bhatt

After more than three decades of teaching and healing, I realized that I needed to formulate a universal and healing mantra especially for those plagued with health problems. I wanted to find a sacred sound that would work for anyone, in any situation, in any country, without the limitations that constant ritual and overly formalized structures often bring, especially for those restricted physically with ill health.

Diseases and mantras Jaap  – Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt

About Vinayak Bhatt

Everyone is interested in who they are and where they are headed. Astrology can be used as a guidepost on our journey to ourselves and to our future. Through the synchronicity of the cosmos and the magic of this ancient art/science our soul journey is revealed. In my readings I examine the natal chart and current transits and progressions to uncover the energies of one's true self and one's future. I do not believe there are any "bad" aspects or "bad" planets, but rather all the planetary and aspect energies can be used In my readings I look both at a client's potential as indicated in the natal chart and at present and future energies and opportunities. I am happy to focus on a particular question or area of life as requested.

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