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Overview of yoga Practice

The Yoga Practice

Yoga practice is overview of the most widely practiced aspects of yoga.  For yoga practice needs yoga guider and start with the yoga sequence. In yoga practice there is lots of yoga to learn, which is discover and explore in the tradition of yoga. For a beginner of yoga need to do yoga in under the guidance of the yoga guider and start yoga with the easy way.  There is different type of yoga for different body structure in different levels.

Regardless of your experience level, these pages are geared towards facilitating your sadhana or personal practice – after all, yoga is ultimately about having a direct experience of spirit through the vehicle of your own body and mind. For yoga practice it is important to know about the guidelines of yoga such as-

Learn and practice about How to breathe properly during the yoga

The most important aspect of yoga is breathing regulates your state of mind, your emotions, and your connection, stress level, concentration etc. Right way of breathing will help you to make healthier, calmer, more balanced, stress-free, and gives ability to handle the problem along with this it is make you feel better. When yogic breathing is improperly performed, it may cause stress and discomfort to the lungs and diaphragm. It’s important to perform all yoga techniques carefully, and if you’re ever unsure of a position or breathing pattern you should ask a qualified yoga instructor. Learning the Pranayama basics of yogic breath can help you feel better and can put you on the path to yogic expertise.

How to start the yoga

First step of start yoga is sit in easy pose and few minutes to ground, centre and focus inwards with one of our meditations . Before start yoga you can set the goal of yoga practice and you can help the with yoga CD and DVD.   Wearing the loose clothes before start the yoga to make the body comfortable. In market there is many type clothes available in market which is manufacturing only for the yoga. For relaxation you can play the music before starting the yoga practice. Yoga props are also helpful for starting the yoga like- yoga straps, blanket and bolster. Yoga mat is also a most important part of yoga it is provides padding as well as a non-slip surface to practice on.

What is the beginning level of yoga posture

Before start practice of yoga read all guidelines of the yoga poses. Firstly try to warm up yourself and start to warm up sequences and then start basic yoga pose sequence such as- seated in dog pose, cat pose, down dog pose, child pose, cobbler’s pose ,bridge pose, mountain pose, triangle pose, seated twist pose, forward bend pose, chair pose, cobra pose and so on. These poses are considered beginning level sequences. You should start each pose in easy way into deeper positions in time.


Down Dog pose











Child pose

 Cobbler’s pose

Bridge pose

Mountain pose

Triangle pose

How to end the yoga practice

Ending of yoga should be in relaxation pose in 5 -15 minutes to resting on your back. Shavasana is the practice of ending the yoga in relaxation pose. After Shavasana transition back into world. Shavasana allows the body a chance to regroup and rest itself. After the yoga practice, the entire body will have been stretched, contracted, twisted and inverted. In shavasana, whole body is relaxed on to the floor with awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath.

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