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The Jupiter Mantra / Guru Mantra Jaap Vidhi / Brihaspati Mantra / Jupiter Mantra Jaap Vidhi

 The Jupiter Mantra | Guru Mantra | Guru Tantrik Mantra | Guru Vedic Mantra | Guru Beej Mantra | Jupiter Tantrik Mantra | Jupiter Vedic Mantra | Jupiter Beej Mantra | Brihaspati Mantra | Brihaspati Yagya

Jupiter is considered Dev Guru (preceptor of Gods). It is male planet, easy-going, self-controlled and pious in nature. It is always linked with persons who are saintly and mild in nature. When Jupiter is malefic, recital of Jupiter mantra is very benefic and favourable.

Persons having strong position of Jupiter in their charts are found in higher administrative positions in the govt., scholars, dealing with financial subjects, priests of the temple or in any administrative position. If Jupiter is occupying the sign Capricorn or is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or is in conjunction with Rahu/Ketu (the head/tail of the dragon), it is considered weak for the individual. Persons having malefic position of Jupiter in their natal chart face problems related to blood arterial system, glands, liver, gall bladder, jaundice, anaemia and tumours.

Recital of Jupiter mantra is started on rising moon Thursday, in a temple or pooja place. Jupiter mantra negates the malefic effects of planet Jupiter and bestows power, rank and authority. Jupiter Mantra is best for profession and business. The seat to be used in worshiping the mantra is kusha asana (seat made of grass).

The sage of the Mantra is gritsamad. The metre is tristup. The deity of the Mantra is Brahspati. This mantra should be chanted for nineteen thousand times. The idol of the lord of the planet should be of Gold. During worship, it should be chanted at six in the morning everyday. The one tenth of the mantra should be done homa, and one tenth of homa be tarpon and marzan. The flowers to be offered for Jupiter are yellow, fruits and other offerings should also be yellow. If the devotee wears yellow colored clothes, it would give better results. After realisation brahmins should be fed with curd and rice. The mantra is recited daily to ward off evil effects and increase the benefic effects of Jupiter, in the horoscope. Mantra for recital is:-

Brihaspati Mantra Guru Mantra Jupiter Mantra
Brihaspati Mantra Guru Mantra Jupiter Mantra



Om brahaspateti mantrasye gritsamad rishi, tristup chand,

brhaspati devta, brahaspati pritye jape viniyog |



gritsamad rishiye namah sirshi, tristup chandse namo mukhe, brhaspati devtayee namo hridayee, brahaspati pritye jape viniyogayee namah sarvange |



Om brahaspateativedyor angustabhyam namah (Touch the thumb with index linger), ahardyamadhibhati tarjani bhayam namah, (Touch the index fingers with thumb), ritumajjaneshu madhyama bhyam namah (Touch the middle fingers with thumb) yaddidaychchavas anamikabhyam namah (Touch the ring fingers with thumb), ritpprajtdasMasu kanistika bhayam namah (Touch the little fingers with thumb), darvinamdehichitram kartalkarpristhabhayam namah (Touch the back of the palms) |



Om brahaspateatiyedyor hridayae namah (Touch your heart with your hand), ahardyamadhibhati sirse swah (Touch your head) ritumajjaneshu sikhayee vast (Touch your hairs), yaddidaychchavas kavchayee hum (Touch your right shoulder with left hand and left with right), ritpprajtdasmasu netartrayee vaushat (Touch your eyes) darvinamdehichitram astrayee phat (clap, after taking circle around your head) |

Dhyana verse

Take yellow flowers in your hands and do dhyana as under.


dandi pitaschtuvarhurvardobhaydastya |

aksh sutrdharo deva kamandaludhar sada ||

After dhyana perform mental pooja of Jupiter as under.


Lam Prithvivyatmak Brahaspate namah gandham parikalpyami Ham Aakashatmak Brahaspate namah Pushpam parikalpyami Yam Vyaayatmak Brahaspate namah dhupam parikalpyami Ram Brahmyatmak Brahaspate namah dipam parikalpyami Vam Lalatmak Brahaspate namah navedyam parikalpyami

Now perform pooja of Jupiter by taking rosary in the hand and recite the following mantra for the rosary.


Ma male mahamale sarvshakti sawrupani | chaturvargsstavyinayeesatsamanmam sidhidabhav ||

Now start reciting mantra facing towards east direction. Jupiter mantra for recital is as under.

Jupiter mantra


Om hram hrim hrom sa om bhur bhuva swah om Brahaspate atiyadyayorarhadyumadhibhatiritumajjaneshuyaddidaychavasritu dassammasu drevindehichitram |

om swah bhuva bhu om sa Hrom Hrim Hram om brahaspatyee namah |

Jupiter Gayatri Mantra:


Om Angirozaataaya vidyamahe vachaspati dhimahi tanno guru parchodayat ||

Other Jupiter mantras for recital :-


Om hram hrim hrom sah Braspataye namah ||


Om gram grim grom sah namah ||

Other points to remember: – The articles for donation for Jupiter are raw sugar, turmeric, horse, yellow colored food, yellow cloth, yellow sapphire, gold, and salt (manufactured in the native’s country). Classics are of the view that those persons who are not in a position of wearing the gems of Jupiter which are very costly may wear root of bharangi.

The Jupiter Mantra | Guru Mantra | Guru Tantrik Mantra | Guru Vedic Mantra | Guru Beej Mantra | Jupiter Tantrik Mantra | Jupiter Vedic Mantra | Jupiter Beej Mantra | Brihaspati Mantra | Brihaspati Yagya


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