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Tips of Yoga

Choose a convenient time

First tips for right yoga is choose a convenient time in morning. Generally morning is the best time which is considered to be the best as it keeps energy levels high during the day. Don’t let it be an excuse to skip your practice.  You can choose convenient time or slot to do yoga practice such as – late morning, before lunch, or evenings. Yoga on convenient time is the way of to refresh the mind and release stress collected during the day.

Choose a comfortable place

For relaxation you need to choose a comfortable place with proper space such as clean, well ventilated and quiet place with positive energy. Comfortable place create the positive energy in your body and providing healing, strength and comfort to you at the time of yoga. Yoga place should be blank and away from furniture or sharp objects.

 Practice in empty stomach

Best Yoga practice on the empty stomach and empty place and you can practice about 2-3 hour after your meal.

Yoga wear

You should remember at the time of yoga wear always loose and comfortable clothes and never prefer the tight clothes and avoid heavy makeup, jewellery, fit clothes, and belts during yoga practice.

Warm up before doing yoga postures

Warm up your body is the first step of yoga practice. This is very important part of the yoga practice you may be risk of straining your muscles if your will not warmup before starting the yoga practice. Warmup your body and do a few body stretches to bring flexibility, before moving on to more intense yoga postures.

Here few warm up tips-

Massaging the head for manage the blood circulation in the brain.

Rotate your neck in anticlockwise and clockwise to relieve any stiffness.

Shake your hands and pump your shoulders to shrug off the lethargy.

Be consistent

Yoga practices effects if you will do it consciously consistent is important for the yoga practice make it a part of your daily schedule and then make it would be easier to make it a habit.  For positive result need to do daily yoga practice more than 20 minutes and daily practice is more effective then 2 hour of occasional practice.

Make yoga time as fun time

For make yoga interesting create funny environment and do it in group if you will do yoga alone it might be boring or create laziness on daily bases. Try to do yoga with friend circles it might be interesting and will continue long time in daily routine. Keeping a smile and fun relaxes the body and mind and helps you enjoy the yoga much more with a calm mind and push your body’ s limits further and stretch more  than usual.

 Include a variety of yoga techniques

Yoga technique should be in different variety in correct way. Different variety of yoga has different effects so make sure to do set of yoga practice with the complete package.

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