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Yoga levels

 Level 1- beginner poses

These yoga poses are considered beginner level 1. Always start with easy pose according to the body and position. At level 1, we spend more time on fundamental breathing techniques and on how poses are built. Level 1 is for people who beginning and want to learn about the yoga.

Boat Pose

For the lay person this is a great pose to master for many reasons.  The first and most popular reason is that it is a great way to improve the stomach muscles strength and tone, relieves stress, improve digestion.

Bridge Pose

This pose start by lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat and hip width apart. To reduce pressure on your low back it is important to have the feet parallel. The most noticeable benefits are- strengthening the back, glutes, ankles and legs, opening the chest, heart, hip flexors, stretches the chest, neck stress and mild depression, stimulates organs of the abdomen, lungs and thyroid, Rejuvenates tired legs, improves digestion.

Cat Pose

For cat pose, begin by positioning yourself in a table top position, with your hands and knees as the four legs of a table. During yoga your knees should be placed vertically below your hips, your wrist, shoulders and elbows should be in 1 line and perpendicular to the ground. The most noticeable benefits are- stretches the neck, back, and torso, gently massages your spine and its muscles, enhance the functions of your Bely organs, calms your mind by relieving it from tension and stress.

Chair Pose

Standing mountain pose and feet should be together and  equal weight in both feet and lift spine, open the shoulder and chest and take a few deep breathes. Bring awareness and energy lift all ten tones. The most noticeable benefits are- Strengthens the supporting muscles of the major joints, like shoulder, hips, knees, ankles, develops core strength, strengthens quads and gluteals, helps protect knee joint, by building stability, build heat in the body, opens shoulders and chest, improves breathing.

Child’s Pose

This pose start with the kneeling position on the ground and separating your knees to hip width, sit on the heels and during this position your both big toes should be touching each other. The most noticeable benefits are- stretches the thighs, ankles and hips in a gentle manner, soothes the mind and relieves from tension and stress, resolves neck and back when the torso is supported, develops and enhances the muscles of the thighs and reduces heart rate and promotes cardiovascular recovery.

Cobbler’s Pose

Start in a sitting position with legs outstretched to the front. As you exhale, bring in your heels closer to your pelvis by bending your sidewise. Both soles should be pressing each other, while the heels press into your “sits” bones of the rear pelvis. The most noticeable benefits are- stimulates in your abdominal organs, bladder, kidneys and ovaries, improves blood circulation and heart function, Aids in stretching the inner thighs, knees and the groin, Heals mild depression, fatigue and anxiety, lessens the pain associated with menstrual periods and high pressure, Facilities child birth if practiced consistently and Reduces the symptoms involved with menopause.

Cobra Pose

This yoga pose start by lying on the ground with your back upwards and legs should be stretched out straight with the dorsum of the feet on the ground after this place your hands on the ground beneath the shoulders with this your elbows should be hugging your side-body waist. The most noticeable are- Provides strength to your spine, stretches the lungs , chest, abdomen and shoulders, firms and strengthens the hips and shoulders, firms and strengthens the hips and shoulders, stimulates the functioning of your abdominal organs, alleviates stress, anxiety, and fatigue by relaxing the mind, therapeutic for asthma, sciatica, enhance body heat, fights multiple diseases and kindles the kundlini.

Corpse Pose

In Corpse pose, just lying down on the floor there are a few points you should look to for perfect execution and start on your back with knees bent, lift the hips off the floor and lengthen the spine along the floor, return the hips, straighten your legs and let your feet fall out naturally to the sides. The most noticeable are- calming and balance for the body, relaxation for high blood pressure, time to take beneficial deep breaths.

Level-2- intermediate poses

Awkward chair pose

Lift the arms perpendicular to the ground and the arm should be aligned with each other, and your palms facing each other. Bend the knees while trying to make your thighs parallel to the horizontal plane, or ground below.  The most noticeable are- Provides strength to the ankles, calves, thighs, and spine, stretches the chest, shoulders, stimulates the functioning of the diaphragm, abdominal organs, heart, curbs and corrects the flat feet.

Bow Pose

Laying down on the floor face down and take a second to extend and expand your body with this bend both legs and reach around with your hands and try to grab onto your ankles or lower legs, thumbs facing down. If it is not possible for you to grab you can wrap a strap around the front of then and hold a side of the strap in each hand. The most noticeable benefits are- Heats and strengthens the entire body, mostly legs, back, buttocks, massages the abdominal organs, Aids digestion, helps people with respiratory ailments, aids fatigue, Aids anxiety, stretches opens whole anterior spine and improve posture.

Camel Pose

 In camel pose, knees are separated by a grap of your hips width and your thighs should be perpendicular to the ground below being with a kneeling position on the ground. Apart of this push your shins and the dorsum of your feet actively in the floor and keep the inner hips firm and outer hips soft. After this pose you can relax in the child’s pose for a few breaths. The most noticeable benefits are- stretches the front of the body including the ankles, groins, thighs, provides strength to back muscles and chest, stimulates the functioning of the organs of abdomen, neck, throat, provides strength to back muscles and chest, stimulates the functioning of the organs of abdomen, neck and throat, enhance and improves the overall body posture, elongates and stretches the deep hip flexors.

Cow face pose

In cow face pose, place the bent right knee on top of the bent left knee, sit in straight position and trying to knees to be perfectly stacked one on the other directly under your centre (chin). Always remember to that you are fully plugged into the floor through both hips. Benefits of cow face pose are- Deep stretch of hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpit, chest, deltoid, triceps, Aids chronic knee pain, strengthens spine, abdominals, helps decompress low spine, and clears hip joint.

Crow pose

Reach out with your hands and place them on the ground in front of your legs, your shines should be placed against the backs of your upper arms, now widen your knees more than the hip width and bend your torso forward between your thighs. Your shins should be placed against the backs of your arms. The major benefits are- provides strength to arms and wrists, stretches the lower and upper back, tones the organs situated in abdomen, increases inner thigh flexibility and strength.

Dancer pose

In dancer pose, your standing leg is vertical and firm, transfer your body weight on to the right foot and raise your left heel towards the left buttock by bending the knee, with reach for the inside of your left ankle with your left hand. Benefits of Dancer pose are- provides strength to the ankles and legs, stretches the groins, shoulders, thighs, chest, abdomen, enhance overall body stability and sense of balance, calms the mind by relieving from tension, anxiety and depression.

Level 3- Advanced Poses

Bird of paradise pose

Look downwards on the ground as you move your back feet forward, and both feet should be parallel in front at the ground. This pose start with the bound extended side angle pose. The most benefits noticeable benefits are- provides strength to legs, calves, stretches the hands, legs, improves overall sense of balance and body stability, open, widens the hips, groins and hamstrings.

Firefly pose  

In firefly pose, lower your trunk onto the legs as your move the pelvis to the front, along with a squatting position in which your feet are spaced less than the distance between your shoulders by straightening your legs, raise the pelvis up to knee height. In this pose, move the left upper arm and shoulder away from the posterior left thigh above the knee, and rest the left hand on the ground , on the outside of the foot. The most noticeable benefits are- stretches the black torso and inner groins, provides strength to the arms and wrists, tones and tightens the belly, enhances the overall sense of balance, calms the mind by relieving from tension, stress and anxiety.

Flying crow pose

Flying crow start with the tree pose while maintaining the balance on your left leg. Now replace the right foot from inner left thigh as your right ankle upon your left knee, and bring your body into a forward bend by placing the palms of hands on the ground. Slowly begin to bend your left leg or the standing leg. Benefits of flying crow pose are- provides strength to arms and wrists, increase core strength, improves overall sense of balance, firms and shapes the hips and inner thighs, calms the mind by relieving from stress, tension and anxiety.

Forearm stand pose

Move your forearms and palms flat against the ground and bending your elbows, make the upper arms perpendicular to your forearms. By bending one knee, start to kick it up with the help of the opposite leg and your head should be lifted from the ground, and your focus or gaze downwards towards the ground. Benefits of forearm stand pose  are- provides strength to the shoulders, arms, back and abdominals, improves overall sense of balance and body stability ,enhance the functioning of the abdominal organs, calms the mind by relieving from stress, tension, anxiety, stretches the shoulders, chest, neck, belly, relieves from depression and fatigue.

Little thunderbolt

 In little thunderbolt, begin with a kneeling position on the ground so that your thighs are at a 90 degree horizontal angle to the ground below and place your hands on the thighs as your bend yourself backwards. Slowly drop your heads to the back so that your crown comes closer to ground and once you make a contact to the ground, you will be in deep backbend. The most noticeable benefits are- makes the spine more flexible, opens and widens the throat, quadriceps, chest, provides strength to the abodominal region, stretches the back and spine, improves posture, digestion process, results in toning of limbs, pelvic organs and thighs.

Monkey pose

In monkey position, kneeling position on the ground and bring your right foot in front of the left knee while rotating the right thigh outwards. Rest your foot on the outer heel. Move your left knee backwards by straightening your knee, while lowering the right thigh towards the ground and straighten till you reach the limit of the stretch by pushing the fingertips in the ground and exhaling bend your torso in the forward direction. Benefits are- stretched the hamstrings, thighs, and groins, stimulates the functioning of the abdominal organs, provides strength to the thighs and hamstrings, calms the mind by relieving from stress, anxiety, depression and widens the hips and groins.

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