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The Mercury Mantra / Budha Mantra Jaap Vidhi / Mercury Mantra Jaap Vidhi

The Mercury Mantra | Budha Mantra | Budha Tantrik Mantra | Budha Vedic Mantra | Budha Beej Mantra | Mercury Tantrik Mantra | Mercury Vedic Mantra | Mercury Beej Mantra
Mercury or Budha is a neutral planet. Mercury is such a planet which blesses the native with judicious mind, logical faculties, sharp understanding, power of prejudice and confidence. Qualities like mathematical, astrologer, financial capabilities, business, engineering, book writing and publishing, teaching, tradition and other such professions are related with Mercury.
Mercury represents the lower part of the abdomen, skin, mind, nervous system. When it is weak it causes diseases like leucoderma, impotence, loss of memory or speech, skin diseases insomnia. When Mercury is malefic, recital of Mercury mantra is very benefic and favorable. If Mercury is occupying the 6′, 8th or 12th house in anybody’s horoscope, or is in conjunction with a malefic planet, it needs help through the Mercury Mantra,
This Mantra protects from fire and electric shock etc. It is especially favourable for a pregnant woman against abortion and for safe delivery of a child. Those having problems of stammering and speech should perform daily pooja through Mercury Yantra. The devotee should wear clothes of green yellowish colour (colour of banana’s new leaf) of cotton or silk.

Budha Mantra Mercury Mantra

The mantra is to be recited for nine thousand times. The time to recite the mantra is five in the evening. Sugar balls are offered to the deity . The sadhna should end on Wednesday. On the last day, articles of Mercury are donated to Brahmins, within the first four hours of sunrise. The sage of this Mantra is agni, the metre is pankti and the deity is budha.


Om udbudhyeswati mantrasye agni rishi, pankti chand, budho devta, budh pritye jape viniyog



agni rishiye namah sirshi, pankti chandse namo mukhe, Budho devtayee namo hridayae, budh pritye jape viniyogayee namah sarvange



Om udbudhyswagnnye angustabhyam namah (Touch the thumb with index finger), pratijagrhitvmintapurte tarjani bhayam namah, (Touch the index fingers with thumb), srajethamayanch madhyama bhyam namah (Touch the middle fingers with thumb) asmimnansadhsatheaduthyar samin anamikabhyam namah (Touch the ring fingers with thumb), Vishwedevaye jamansch kanistika bhayam namah (Touch the little fingers with thumb), Siddath kartalkarpristhabhayam namah (Touch the back of the palms)



udbudhyswagnnye hridayae namah (Touch your heart with your hand), pratijagrhitvmintapurte sirse swah (Touch your head) srajethamayanch sikhayee vast (Touch your hairs), asmimnansadhsatheaduthyar rasmin kavchayee hum (Touch your right shoulder with left hand and left with right), Vishwedevaye jamansch netartrayee vaushat (Touch your eyes) Siddath astrayee phat (clap, after taking circle around your head)

Dhyana verse

Take yellow flowers in your hands and do dhyana as under.


pitamber pitvapu kriti chaturbhujo danddharasch hari
Charma sidharak somsuto gadabraht sinhadirudo vardo budash

After dhyana perform mental pooja of Mercury as under.


Lam Prithvivyatmak Budhaye namah gandham parikalpyami
Ham Aakashatmak Budhaye namah Pushpam parikalpyami
Yam Vyaayatmak Budhaye namah dhupam parikalpyami
Ram Brahmyatmak Budhaye namah dipam parikalpyami
Vam Lalatmak Budhaye namah navedyam parikalpyami
Now perform pooja of Mercury by taking rosary in the hand and recite the following mantra for the rosary


Ma male mahamale sarvshakti sawrupani
chaturvargsstavyinayeesatsamanmam sidhidabhav
Now start reciting mantra facing towards east direction. Mercury mantra for recital is as under.

Mercury Mantra


Om bram brim brom sa om bhur bhuva swah
om udbudhyeswagnayee prati jagrihi tavmishtapurtayee sa srajeethamayech asmintsadhsatheadyuthrashminnieshwayee devayajmansch siddath
om swah bhuva hhu om sa brom brim bram om somayee namah |

Mercury Gayatri Mantra:


Om Chanderputraya vidyamahe Rohinipriyaya dhimahi tannoo Budha Parchodayat |
The other Mercury mantras for recital:-


Om bram brim brom saha somyaya namah ||


Om bum budhaya namah ||
Other points to remember: – The articles for donation for Mercury are blue cloth, gold or silver, utensil made of bell metal, green pulse, ghee, flowers of all type, maid servants, items made of ivory and emerald. Classics are of the view that those persons who are not in a position of wearing the gems of Mercury which are very costly may wear root of vidhara

The Mercury Mantra | Budha Mantra | Budha Tantrik Mantra | Budha Vedic Mantra | Budha Beej Mantra | Mercury Tantrik Mantra | Mercury Vedic Mantra | Mercury Beej Mantra

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